Day 2: Eating Those Apples

Hello Boys and Girls!

It is Day 2 of my Big New York Adventure and I am loving it over here. After flying 8 hours and watching 4 movies courtesy of Delta’s brilliant in-flight entertainment system, I finally made it to JFK and then on to TriBeCa where I’m staying.

My view in TriBeCa

My view in TriBeCa

I haven’t even been here 24 hours but the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the weather is icy. I have my first movie screening tomorrow evening and I cannot wait to tell you more.

In the meantime though, here are some fun facts about New York for your reading pleasure…!

10 Fun Facts About New York

1. Manhattan’s Chinatown is the largest Chinese enclave in the Western Hemisphere.

2. Why are New York Yellow Cabs yellow? Because John Hertz, the company’s founder, read a study that concluded yellow was the easiest color for the eye to spot.

Can you spot the yellow cab?

Can you spot the yellow cab?

3. Annual location shoots on the streets of New York number 40,000 — including commercials, feature films, television shows and series, music videos and documentaries.

4. 100 million Chinese food cartons are used annually in New York City.

5. The first presentation of 3D films before a paying audience took place at Manhattan’s Astor Theater on June 10, 1915.

6. European settlers who brought seeds to New York introduced apples in the 1600s.

The key to happiness...!

The key to happiness...!

7. If Manhattan had the same population density as Alaska, there would only be 15 people living there.

8. In New York City, approximately 1,600 people are bitten by other humans every year.

9. New York’s Central Park is nearly twice the size of the entire country of Monaco.

10. In New York, it is against the law for a blind person to drive an automobile.

This little pug is discovering Manhattan!

This little pug is discovering Manhattan!

Hugs and Kisses

Derek x


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