Movie of the Week: The Sitter

Hi Boys and Girls!

It’s Sunday and you know what that means….it’s time for my favourite Movie of the Week!! 🙂

This week’s lucky title just had to be The Sitter, Jonah Hill‘s new film starring himself and three little co-stars, Landry Bender, Max Records and Kevin Hernandez. Produced by Michael De Luca, this is a fantastic feel-good comedy that perfectly mixes children with adult humour in a realistic and hilarious fashion.

Movie of the Week: The Sitter

Jonah’s perfomance is perfectly timed and poignant at the right times, whilst the three children are most definitely the next child stars of tomorrow. Max is awesome as the sexually-confused young boy, Kevin kicks ass as the tough Hispanic (he’s like a child version of Danny Trejo!) and Landry is simply incredible as Blithe.

Landry plays a mini version of Katy Perry...hilarious!!!

Do you recognise this young man? He played Max in Where The Wild Things Are!

Kevin's love of Cherry Bombs in the movie are simply legendary!!

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Sitter:

  • A promotional poster includes the personal phone number of Jonah Hill. It is listed as (917) 409-7838. Hill has set an automatic message or will speak to the caller either in character or as himself.
  • This is the last film to feature Jonah Hill‘s rotund physique before his weight loss.
  • The Producer Michael De Luca, also produced Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage and Moneyball.

I highly recommend this movie boys and girls, I adored it! Now go and see it in theatres NOW!!! 🙂

Hugs and Kisses

Derek x


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