Today’s Birthday: Graham Chapman (1941 – 1989)

Boys and Girls!

For those fans of Monty Python, it was on this day 71 years ago that the comic genius of Graham Chapman was born: 8 January 1941.

Graham would have been 61 today!

Graham was Brian of course in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, one of the most revered comic characters in British comedy.

A little known fact however was that before he passed away in 1989 due to complications from cancer, Graham was actively involved in the Dangerous Sports Club, the inventors of bungee-jumping! At the time of his death Graham was working on a film version of the club’s history.

A Bungee Jumping Meerkat: Graham Would Have Been Proud!

Ladies and Gentleman,

Let’s raise a glass to Graham and the rest of the Monty Python crew. Without them, some of the best British Comedy to have ever existed would have never come to life!

Even Kitties Are Toasting Monty Python!

Hugs and Kisses Everyone,

Derek x

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