The Inbetweeners – Proud to be British?

Boys and Girls!

If you’re one of the millions who had the luck of seeing The Inbetweeners movie, join the club! I admit I only managed to get round to seeing yesterday when I downloaded it from iTunes, and dare I say, it made me proud to see some brilliant home grown British comedy at its best.

This Movie was the UK Number 1 for Four Weeks at the Box Office!

Nothing beats a great comedy made by folk from your own country. And may I add that this is a trend seen throughout Europe…see the stats for yourself!

Sometimes Movies Made In Your Own Country Are Simply The Best!



The most successful film of 2011 for the frogs across the water was a surprise French box office hit of the year: a caustic comedy about a quadriplegic aristocrat and his awkward, black home-help from one of Paris’s poor, suburban high-rise ghettoes.

Intouchables – or the Untouchables – was praised a comedic masterpiece, selling 2 million tickets in less than a week!

Believe it or not...this small budget French movie was seen by 11 million Frenchies in just four weeks!


The same as true over in Spain where the Spaniards have a healthy obsession with a series of comedy detective films from Santiago Segura, starring the cringe-worthy detective Torrente. The fourth in the series of films so far, this film stormed the Spanish Box Office to number one, and New Line currently has a project in development to remake it as a starring vehicle for Sacha Baron Cohen.

There have been four films so far....the Spanish just love the cheese!!!!

Keep developing that local talent ladies and gentlemen. It’s safe to say I’ll probably never understand why the Spaniards think Torrente is funny but hey, I don’t live in Spain…each to their own!!

Derek x

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Wherever You're From....Babies are too Cute Everywhere!!!




One response

  1. Derek – your blog made me laugh , haha. And I love Zoolander!!

    Inbetweeneers was good, but hell did it make me cringe for all those brits abroad who go on 18-30 holidays. But then again, I guess that was what the movie was trying to portray.

    Oh and please keep up the baby in movies images – too cute 🙂

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