Three Men and a Baby…Where Are They Now?

Hi Guys and Girls!

Do you ever think that there’s nothing good on TV and all you want to do is watch an old comedy classic and stuff yourself with popcorn and maltesers?

Well that’s exactly what I did last night….yay!

Popcorn and Maltesers....hmmmmm!!!!!

The movie in question was Three Men and a Baby….you read that right: Three Men and a Baby…! Nothing beats a great comedy classic that’s 15 years old.

A comedy classic released in 1987!

But I immediately¬†wondered….what are they all doing now?? And what do they look like 15 years on??

Tom Selleck

Tom is now 65 years old, but doesn’t seem to have aged at all. Must be his moustache keeping him looking young! Sadly though, his film career seems to have gone nowhere since 1987, and everybody aged 30 and under knows him as Monica’s boyfriend in Friends….Sigh…..

Tom Selleck in 2011...Scrumptious!

Ted Danson

Ted is now 64 years old, and makes having grey hair the coolest do anyone could ever ask for. Film wise though Ted has been in nothing anyone can remember, and by far the funniest thing he can be remembered for is actually playing himself in Larry David’s brilliant Curb Your Enthousiasm. His role in the series had me choking on my popcorn I was laughing so hard.

Ted you are rocking the white hair look!

Steven Guttenburg

Steve is now 53 years old, but apart from the Police Academy movies, has he been in anything else?? According to IMDB he has but have you ever heard of Fatal Rescue? Cornered? Didn’t think so! Ah poor Steve. At least you were great in Police Academy.

Steve looking handsome with co-star Kim Cattrall!

Leonard Nimoy

Did you realise that the director of Three Men and a Baby is actually Spock from the original Star Trek?? Spooky! Leonard hasn’t actually done anything since his Star Trek days other than reprise his role in the JJ Abrams reboot.

Spock actually directed Three Men and a Baby....! Live Long and Prosper!

The Baby

The Baby were actually twins Lisa and Michelle Blair. Lisa’s only other role was in the little-known Sci Fi Morella back in 1999, whilst Michelle’s only ever acting role was as the baby in the movie….what a claim to fame!

Babies in movies are just too cute!!


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